Was Jesus Resurrected by Aliens?

Even though there are seven clear arguments that Jesus rose from the dead, many people deny that He supernaturally rose from the dead. Some people claim Jesus’ disciples stole the body. Some people claim Jesus didn’t really die and was resuscitated by the cold tomb. Some claim the religious leaders did it. Others claim the Romans did it. Some claim aliens revived Jesus’ corpse. Here are some problems with those views.

  1. Jesus really died. Jesus was scoured. This was done by whips that tore flesh from the bone. Jesus was crucified by experts in killing. Jesus’ heart sack burst and was evidenced by his side being pierced with water and blood out of the wound. He really died.
  2. Jesus disciples couldn’t have stole the body. They were common ordinary people. They were divided. They didn’t get along with each other. They were in hiding for fear they would also be killed. The tomb was sealed with a large stone, had Pilate’s seal placed on it, and was guarded by men trained for war.
  3. Jesus stood against the religious rulers for their hypocrisy. He was constantly warring with them. They would not let people come to synagogue or temple who followed Him. There was no reason for them to give his disciples hope of his resurrection.
  4. The Romans crucified Jesus for proclaiming to be King of the Jews. Officially Jesus would have been crucified for rebelling against Rome. It would have been embarrassing to Rome.
  5. Many people like to blame aliens for things that they do not understand or have to be done through supernatural events. I remember an episode of Star Trek Voyager where Seven of Nine used nanoprobes to resuscitate an alien who died. She said that it worked for up to 74 hours. While that makes great science fiction, it is hardly possible. Aliens do not exist. The possibility for earth to make life by chance is statistically beyond the number of impossibility. It is compounded when people try to add more planets that contain life, have the technology for space travel, and the ability to resuscitate life.

The only reasonable explanation is God raised Jesus from the dead. What we have is a documented miracle in history. Jesus also prophesied that he would die and rise from the dead. Then He did. The only reasonable explanation is that he did what He said He would do. All other explanations are just graspings at the wind. Please check out the resources section for resources that will help you interpret the Bible and strengthen your faith. Lord bless you and have a great day.


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