The Using Hermeneutics Series

When My Ox Gores My Neighbor

This book is the marriage of the science of interpreting the Bible with the beauty of the gospel. In When My Ox Gores My Neighbor, Josiah Nichols takes you through Exodus 21:28–32 and teaches the reader interpretation through demonstration. By the end of the book, you will learn how to properly interpret the Bible and transition to the gospel. Can be purchased at and

Romans Roadblocks

Romans Roadblocks is a hermeneutical theology book that teaches the reader how to interpret scriptures using one passage of scripture as a model text, Romans 1:1-7. The passage of study is about the gospel. Using exegetical hermeneutics, the author unpacks the passage to show what the Christian Faith is all about. Can be purchased at


What Does It Mean To Me?

How are we supposed to read the Bible? Does it matter how we read it? Can I interpret it anyway I want to? Does what it say even matter? This booklet seeks to answer those questions in a way that is easy to understand. “What Does It Mean to Me?” is perfect for liberal Christians, Atheists, Muslims, and people who want to interpret the Bible correctly but are not sure how to do so. It is very important to interpret the Bible correctly. It is the difference between truth and error, life and death, Heaven or Hell. Thank you for taking the time to read this booklet. Read it and answer the question, “What does it mean?” Available at for $2. Can also purchase at