Using Hermeneutics

Tools, Hammer, Nail, Nails, Drill, Nut

A tool is neither good nor bad. It cannot do good things on its own. It cannot do bad things on its own. It is inanimate until a person picks it up and uses it. The hermeneutical process is a tool. It is a great tool in helping you determine the original intent of the author. When you look at the content and context of a passage, you get a good grasp on its intended meaning. This can generate a lot of good when used on the Bible. The Bible was intended to teach God’s people about Him and His will. The Bible as a whole reveals God’s redemptive plan for all of history. It does reveal proper theology. It reveals a lot of truth that benefits man greatly. The biggest question is “Can the process of interpretation be used for bad things?” The answer of course is yes.

The hermeneutical process is:

  1. Observe the Text.
  2. Discover the differences between the original and contemporary audiences.
  3. Draw principles from the passage.
  4. See if principles carry over to today.
  5. Apply the principles.

It is pretty obvious how to use this for good. How can we use this for evil?

  1. When we use Bible passages that are correctly interpreted to hurt other people instead of help them, we use it for evil.
  2. When we do not pass on the Bible teachings to others, we use it for evil.
  3. When we use the Bible to fill us up with pride, we use if for evil.
  4. When we know the truth of the scriptures and do not apply them, we use it for evil.

You can have correct theology and know all the right things, but if you do not act on it, you are no different than demons. “You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder!” (James 2:19 ESV). We must use hermeneutics for good for the glory of God.

I hope that this has blessed you. Please feel free to comment in the comment section, share this post to your friends who need it, or like it. If you want to contact me, you can contact me at with any question you want. Also please feel free to look at the resource page to look at The Using Hermeneutics Series. Lord bless you.


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