The World’s Most Important Library

The library in Alexandria Egypt is considered by some to have been the most significant library in ancient history. Yet, there is a more important library than the library of Alexandria, the Bible.

Yes, the Bible is a library. It was written over fifteen hundred years by forty different authors in seven genres, in three different languages on three different continents. Yet, it’s message is the same. God created the world good. Man sinned and brought the world into chaos, bringing sin and death into the world. Yet, God in His mercy sent His Son Jesus to live a perfect life according to the Law, die a substitutionary death on the cross, and raise from the dead so that sinful men can repent of their sin and trust in Christ for forgiveness of sin and a new life in Christ. Jesus is coming again to make all things new and make all things right. This message is consistent throughout the Bible. Here are some truths about this wonderful library.

  • The Bible is 1/3 narrative.
  • The Bible contains poetry, songs, and wisdom literature.
  • The Bible contains Biographies of Jesus called gospels.
  • The Bible is the only Holy book to contain fulfilled prophesy verifiable by history.
  • The Bible contains little apocryphal literature, Daniel and Revelation are the main books in that genre.
  • The Bible contains letters to early churches called epistles.
  • The Bible corresponds accurately with history, geography, and science.

The Bible is an amazing library. Check it out. If you want a better understanding of it, check out my resource page that contains my books I wrote to teach you Biblical interpretation. Thank you for reading. Lord bless you.


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