Why I’m Not Writing As Much.

My life has gotten a little hectic since 2020. My wife and I now have three little girls three and under. I’ve been going to school full-time at Liberty University. I’m a new pastor at Hardinville Christian Church. My life has gotten very busy. However the biggest problem is my health. I’ve been having some severe diverticulitis attacks. It has affected everything. I go to the bathroom more frequently due to a high fiber diet. I am in pain more often when I have an attack. I’m asking those who are Christians who read this blog to pray for me to recover so I can keep providing literature that promotes the gospel and gives advice on how to study the Bible.

Tips for studying the Bible in 2021.

  1. Make time to read it. Either wake up early or go to bed later. You can also cut out something you don’t need like tv or social media.
  2. Read it everyday. It will become a habit and bless you everyday.
  3. Share what you have been reading with a friend of loved one. It will make you want to read more so you have more to talk about.
  4. Get a translation you understand. If the thee’s and thou’s of the King James Version throw you for a loop pick up a more contemporary version like the ESV or NASB.
  5. Pick us a good study Bible. Good ones will help you understand the historical context, location, and authorial context. I recommend The MacArthur Study Bible.
  6. Read the Bible in context. It doesn’t matter what the passage means to you. It matters what it meant to the author and original audience.
  7. Pray for understanding. God wants the Bible to be read and understand. He will help you if you ask.

Please pray for us as we try to raise a family and do ministry in 2021. Also check out our resources page for more information on how to study the Bible.


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