Remaining Faithful in Ministry Booklet Review

MacArthur, John. Dr. Remaining Faithful in Ministry: 9 Essential Convictions for Every Pastor Crossway 2019. $5.35.

Biological Sketch of Author

Dr. John Macarthur is the Pastor Teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley California. He has faithfully taught the Bible for over 50 years. He is the Chancellor of the Masters College and Seminary. He has faithfully preached through the New Testament and wrote a thirty-three volume commentary on the New Testament. He has also wrote and edited over 400 books. He is also author of the best seller The Gospel According to Jesus. He is a master expositor. He is also the founder of Grace to You Ministries. This man is more than qualified to write on this subject.

Summery of Content

Remaining faithful in ministry is a hard task for any pastor. The temptations to sin and compromise seem to fall around the pastor on an hour by hour basis like arrows on a soldier. So Pastor MacArthur shows the life of the most faithful minister who suffered the most suffering and persecution, the apostle Paul. MacArthur shows nine convictions that the apostle Paul had that kept him faithful in ministry by expositing 2 Corinthians 4 and corresponding passages. These nine convictions are also the chapter heads to the booklet: “1.Convinced of the Superiority of the New Covenant, 2.Convinced that Ministry is a Mercy, 3. Convinced of the Need of a Pure Heart, 4. Convinced of the Need to Preach the Word Faithfully, 5. Convinced that the Results Belong to God, 6. Convinced of his Own Insignificance, 7. Convinced of the Benefit of Suffering, 8. Convinced of the Need for Courage, 9. Convinced that Future Glory is Better Than Anything the World Could Offer.”

Critical Evaluation

These nine convictions are all essential. There is not one that is more important than another. John Macarthur shows once again that we do not need the latest, cutting edge ministry advice. We need to be faithful to the inspired Word of God. It is sufficient for our every need, especially ministry. We need to be faithful in teaching the Word, obeying the Word, and trusting the Word. These nine convictions will help the minister do just that.

Ministry success is not essentially about numbers. It is about being faithful to God’s Word. That is one reason I enjoyed principle five so much. MacArthur Gives an illustration of a man being faithful to the Word for a time but changed to fit the culture because the Mega Church in town had a flashy show. He saw that the Mega Church was growing and theirs was shrinking. He measured that as success in ministry. Dr. MacArthur points the reader back to Paul being stoned for preaching the Word in the city of Lystra and shows that as biblical success.


This is obviously recommended to pastors, missionaries, and others in ministry. This will point them back to the Word of God as their authority. They will also see that suffering and hardship are real success in ministry when they are doing it for the glory of God.

Every Christian should also read this book. It is a short, concise, inexpensive book that will edify the soul and prepare one to strive for the Lord. It also will help show them how to accurately interpret the scriptures and apply its principles to their lives.

I was not paid to do this book review, I was not asked to do it, and I was not expected to give a good review. This book is available at the link below. Be sure to check out the resources section to find more great resources to interpret the Bible and share the gospel.


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