Using Hermeneutics

Welcome to my blog.

I am starting a new blog where, I talk about biblical interpretation and how it affects our everyday lives. I will be talking about principles for hard to understand Bible passages, Bible translations, tips for reading your Bible, using the Bible in evangelism, and interpreting current events. If you are wondering what the word hermeneutics is, that is ok. It means the science and art of interpreting literature. It is also a simile for interpretation. There is a hermeneutic for newspapers, gospel tracts, grocery lists, textbooks, and etc. There is also a hermeneutic for everyday life. It is called a worldview. A worldview is how one interprets reality. There are 3 p’s that make up a worldview.

  1. Presuppositions: Everybody has a list of beliefs about the world they just assume about how things work. Most people assume that our earth revolves around the sun, that there will be morning and evening tomorrow, and that they have some purpose in life.
  2.  Past: Everybody brings their past into how they interpret reality. You believe that you can start your car today because you started it yesterday. You believe that you have a job today because you had one yesterday. Maybe you believe that all men are abusive because your father abused you. 
  3.  Pleasure: Everybody interprets reality the way they do because it makes the most sense to them. It pleases us to believe those things. The atheist doesn’t believe in God because he thinks he can get away with whatever he wants. The Christian believes in God because he believes that God rewards those who believe in Him.  

In this new blog, we will discuss the Christian worldview as informed by the Bible. I hope that you will enjoy knowing how to use biblical interpretation in everyday life as much as I do. For additional resources on hermeneutics please check out my books on amazon. When My Ox Gores My Neighbor and Romans Roadblocks I am going to give some links to them on the bottom of my page. 

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